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Spirited Away (2001) Streaming film Complet Vf

2001-07-20 NA HD

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Spirited Away

Spirited Away Streaming film Complet Vf A young girl, Chihiro, becomes trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free her family.

  • Release: 2001-07-20
  • Rating: 8.5
  • Production: Studio Ghibli /
  • Genre: Animation Family Fantasy

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Spirited Away
Spirited Away
Spirited Away
Spirited Away

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Spirited Away

  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • Toshio Suzuki
  • Yasuyoshi Tokuma
    Executive Producer
  • Joe Hisaishi
    Original Music Composer
  • Atsushi Okui
    Director of Photography
  • Takeshi Seyama

Date de sortie:
JP 2001-07-20

Budget du film:

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Spirited Away – Acteurs de cinéma et actrice

Spirited Away

Rumi Hiiragi
Chihiro Ogino (voice)
Spirited Away

Miyu Irino
Haku (voice)
Spirited Away

Mari Natsuki
Yubaba / Zeniba (voice)
Spirited Away

Bunta Sugawara
Kamaji (voice)
Spirited Away

Yumi Tamai
Lin (voice)
Spirited Away

Ryunosuke Kamiki
Bou (voice)

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